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Dedicated and Experienced

Kay is dedicated to her patients and works very hard to ensure they receive the very best advice and podiatric care specific to them using evidenced based treatments. Kay appreciates all enquires and no question is too insignificant to answer, if you have any worries please ask.

Patients are always encouraged to ask about health and safety and infection control and decontamination at any time but in particular at this very anxious time.

Kay says:

"The feel-good factor or walking on air is a wonderful comment many patients say post treatment and so far, I have never tired of hearing that comment in all my years of caring for peoples’ feet."

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What Happens at your Appointment?

In normal times clinic appointments are always an hour in length and the clinic is always decontaminated appropriately before, after and between patients so this has not changed since the pandemic.

Please discuss at time of enquiry or booking if you are unwell, have recently been in hospital, are shielding or somebody in your household is shielding or isolating. Please also inform if you have recently travelled abroad.

For more information about how the clinic is operating with Covid-19 safe practices click below.

At your first appointment an initial assessment is necessary to discuss the foot problems and discuss the correct care pathway to resolve the issue.

Kay will give advice and treatment specific to you.

Professional Advice

All treatments are evidenced based and the patient is provided with the correct information to decide treatment options or patient pathway. The initial assessment will discuss leisure, work, footwear painful symptoms and an examination of feet and footwear.

Medical pedicures are an important part of podiatry as a thorough preventative aesthetic foot treatment is relaxing and a valuable part of general health.

Many patients visit the clinic before a holiday, preparation for weddings, special occasions, for advice before marathon training or specific sporting advice regarding footwear and care of feet.

Podiatry treatments aim to provide foot comfort and resolve painful foot problems such as corns and callous, whilst at the same time resolving and finding the cause and providing suitable treatments.

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Quote from Kay

“I am always happy to provide advice about foot problems.” 

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